Friday, July 3, 2015

And Another Year

Hard to believe it has been another year (in residency you transition the 1st of July)
A year ago Michael was beginning his first year of residency
Nervous but ready
As year 2 begins there was a new transition - he now mentors a first year - more experience - more responsibility
He is filling this role as a family physician with more comfort and confidence - a reminder that he did choose the right path - as challenging and frustrating it can be at times
The boys and I were enjoying a summer in our own space before school started

Ronan began the school year at his old school but quickly transitioned to Compass
He was nervous at first and it took a bit of time, but now he loves it
He went on a couple of trips that did not seem to faze him the least - so confident and independent - just ready to go
His confidence in his school work grew by leaps and bounds

Dillon would start his final year in the Farm School
He participated in several trips that were a great opportunity to overcome some of his own hurdles
Not only did we see the physical changes that you see in a 15 year old (voice is deeper and yes, he is taller than me now) - but there was growth in maturity that is so beautiful to watch
At times life in adolescence can be hard and trying but once you get through those moments, the feeling is indescribable as a mom/parent
I cannot say thank you enough to our Compass community - for our boys to be in an environment that is so loving and supportive of the path we as humans follow as we develop and grow.

I began the school year not REALLY knowing what I was getting into
An apprenticeship at Compass in the Farm School
I was excited for the opportunity to be on the same schedule as the boys and at the same school
I was thrilled to support my love of Montessori with a better understanding and knowledge of the theory and philosophy
I had loved my time volunteering at the school the year before and really looked forward to working with the adolescents daily
What I did not know is how much my mind would be challenged - yes I completed my degree while traveling the world, supporting Michael on his MD journey, and homeschooling the boys - I knew about balance and a full schedule - but my studies were always in medicine, management, planning - everything was pretty straight forward and laid out.
Then I entered the world of theory and philosophy - talk about a mind switch
At times I wondered if I spoke the same language as my cohorts, mentor, or instructors
Eventually I got into a flow of new learning
It was the most challenging year of education I have ever experienced - what I learned (and still learning) was invaluable
This was a path I never expected - teaching in Secondary Montessori
I would not be the person I am today without all the previous life experience and learning - this new role would not have fit at any other time
It has come to be that when you let life guide you, you end up right where you were meant to be….
In my heart I believe that my grand mother is smiling and watching with joy all around us
Not only did my education benefit the students but myself and my family as well - this last year of transformation will allow me to support my family in a more complete and understanding way

There are not enough words to explain what an amazing year it has been - for all of us
my grandmother with her Montessori students in Amsterdam - she is the teacher on the left in the white coat

Dillon's Continuation

Ronan's Continuation

family time in Mexico

exploring a new place - Saratoga

Thanksgiving with family

We look forward to another full year 
As many travels as we can fit in
Ronan beginning a new 3 year cycle in the Farm School
Dillon taking a big step into High School
I will return to the Farm School in a fellowship position (no homework - yippee)
Michael beginning his 2nd year of a 3 year program
It will be a year filled with more learning, experiences and growth that I am eager to begin

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