Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Family Camping

For the long weekend we headed North to Southern Colorado
This just might have become an annual family camping trip (it seems for at least the last 3 years the boys and I camp with Oma, Papa, Hopi, Anna, and Sophia (this year we also got Carith to join us) - plus whoever else can make it that year)
We wanted cool air and refreshing water
It is great to have our kayaks back to play with
A stunning fire works show in a high mountain town
Kids shrieking and laughing in the water
MOSQUITOS (what is summer without them)
Lightening, thunder, rain, and hail - as expected at high altitude in Colorado
Catching the vanilla scent of the Ponderosa Pine
The smell of campfire
Thank you to the whole family for the fun camping weekend!!!!!!!

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