Sunday, June 15, 2014

Spring Trip (like no other)

A spring trip to the desert
7 days
19 kids
5 adults
changing weather
a spring snowstorm
4 inches of heavy wet snow
cold nights
blowing sand
no toilets no running water
desert flowers blossoming
resilient kids
a day of slot canyons
a quick afternoon storm full of rain/lightening/thunder and wind
magnificent rainbows
backpacking down a sandy wash
heavy packs carrying the basics - water - food - shelter
a canyon warm and teaming with life
a cozy campsite shaded by trees
clear flowing water
frogs calling all night
a full moon
minnows, moss, and algae
the sound of deer hooves in the night
footprints from different critters by the waters edge
striking, huge, red canyon walls
a stunning arch
2 beautiful nights in a secluded canyon
a week full of observation, learning, experiencing, positive moments, wildness, and unmatched beauty
if only it was 2 weeks instead of 1


  1. AMAZING! I love all of your outdoor adventures. I own a tent and a sleeping bag I have never used! I don't know if I would be brave enough to go without a toilet or shower for that long, or to camp in the snow... but I love that you do! It's inspiring.

    1. Thank you - there are times I think I am more comfortable out there then in my house!!!!! There is so much you can do even in day trips - one day you will get out there when you are comfortable!!!
      chey xoxo

  2. Wow, wow, WOW! What beautiful, amazing, and varied scenery! And what crazy weather - all that snow! Magnificent shots, Chey! I can't wait to see a slot canyon one day, though when it gets narrow like that it makes me a bit claustrophobic!

    1. YES - spring the in desert can be so wild. Many of the kids were shocked that it could snow in the desert. Such a great learning experience. Thank you for the compliment. I did get a little claustrophobic myself. You and your soon to be little one need to take a trip out here. You would love it!!!!!!
      Chey xoxo