Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Like the Old Days.......

We finally got a chance to spend a day in the mountains climbing. We snuck some time away from our busy schedules and went to one of our favorite spots with good friends.  It is great that we have the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and enjoy the outdoors.  
Sadly times have changed - a place that we remember being so quiet and away from everything is not the same.  What was once a dirt road up a mountain pass is now paved and heavy with traffic.  We would spot random campers and now see tents filling the sides of the roads like a parking lot.  Along with this has come the sounds of gunshots while campers practice target shooting (way to close for my comfort).  Although our peace and solitude seem to have been interrupted once back in our out of the way climbing spot we can almost pretend it is still the way it was.
It will always be a favorite place we enjoy with good friends.


yeah - the barefoot wonder who has never climbed before - just goes to show you that climbing trees does the body good (he is currently an arborist)

Ro was thrilled to practice some new skills he is working on

Merc - our super strong dear friend visiting from the west coast

Ro getting a good spot from friend and climbing mentor to the boys Lucas

Dillon was so close on this bouldering problem - he will get it - next visit

rest time


  1. That's my idea of rock climbing... very low to the ground:-)

    1. Haha - yeah we used to sport climb (on ropes) and the amount of time it took to set up ropes got old. We have since taken up bouldering - no ropes (which can get spooky on the high ones) but harder moves. The risk factors are much lower and the boys love it!!!!!
      Chey xo